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Racism is alive and well in the good ol’ United States, with skin color still proving to be as much of a social detriment as it has ever been.

Even with great money and fame, author Teri Woods discovered that racism is alive and well after she was denied entry into a SoHo nightclub because she is Black.

“They should have just put up a sign that said, “No Coloreds Allowed’” remarked an enraged Kashan Robinson,  whom was apart of Woods’ party entourage.

Woods, whom planned to use club Greenhouse to celebrate her latest bestseller entitled Alibi, was stopped at the nightspot’s infamous velvet rope even though she promoted the party in advance.

None of her Black guests were let into the club, leaving well over 100 people stuck outside in the cold.

Barry Mullineaux, owner of Greenhouse, asserts that no guests were denied entry based on race, calling all statement as such “pretty much bogus.”

“They left all of my friend and family standing outside,” explained Woods. “I has serious people out there: lawyers, doctors, and people in the entertainment industry…I was embarrassed…They took my moment.”

The $1 billion lawsuit was filed by John Nonnemacher on behalf of Woods and others affected by the incident.

“We’re not talking about four people, we’re talking over 100 people,” said Nonnemacher. “Our contention is Greenhouse didn’t let people in because of the color of their skin. Because they were Black.”

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