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Tired of being a political punching bag, Van “The Ex-Green Jobs Czar” Jones, spoke out for the first time since his expedient resignation for speaking his mind. The ex-Obama administrator sent out an email to his friends and supporters and keeps it real saying that he has nothing but love for Obama.

“I want to be clear that I have nothing but love and admiration for President Obama and the entire administration. White House staffers are there to serve and support the President, not the other way around. At this critical moment in history, I could not in good conscience ask my colleagues to expend precious time and energy defending or explaining my past. The White House needs all its hands on deck, fighting for the future.”

He also asks his supporters to continue to defend him on blogs and message boards as well as on the “Stand With Van Jones” Facebook group and “I Love Van Jones” Twitter page.

“Stay connected and speak up for me via your favorite blogs (e.g., Huffington Post, Grist, Jack & Jill, etc.), on message boards and all of your favorite social networking platforms (Twitter, Facebook, etc.). Supporters have set up a couple of them, to help you stay engaged, including: I Stand With Van Jones and I Love Van Jones.”

Jones also mentions that he will defend himself and his character in due time saying,

“In due course, I will be offering my perspective on what has happened–including correcting the record about false charges. In the meantime, I must get my family affairs in order and sort through numerous offers and options.”

In layman terms, the email would probably read like this:

Support the president because yeah his people did me dirty but we’re still cool. Check out my Facebook page and add me on Twitter too because hell, I need more followers. Oh and don’t’ worry I got something for the people that got me kicked out, but be patient.

At least that’s how I took it…

You can form your own opinion when you check out the full email here

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