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The life of a celebrity clearly has its positives and negatives. On one side of the fence, as a star, a person is on constant surveillance by the media and by the public as a microscope observes every move he/she makes. On the other side, as Diddy shows, the money and the fame allow people to get out of situations that a normal person could never even dream.

Outside of the Kanye outburst during the VMA’s, there was a feud brewing between the leader of Bad Boy Records and the Hip-Hop police. The undercover officerseemed to be trying to rush Diddy along as there might have been a lot of commotion that needed to be calmed down or brought to a minimum. Mr. Combs must not have liked the tone that was being thrown at him.

“Lower your Fawking voice when you’re talking to me. I’m a man just like you,” said Diddy in response.

“I don’t give a Fawk who you are,” yelled the officer.

“I don’t give a Fawk who you are either mother*cker,” Diddy yelled back.

Now, pause. Any normal Black man in America knows exactly what would come next after uttering such words to the authorities. Probably clubs to the back of the head or some pepper spray to the face. If anything, those would be the last words said before getting hauled to jail and have some cocaine mysteriously found in their wardrobe.

People like Diddy, however, don’t have to worry about such things as he says what he says and then proceeds to get in the face of the cop. The only thing that might have saved the situation from escalating was the presence of Diddy’s people.

While on Hot 97, Diddy addressed the altercation and cleared up the fact that the problem actually wasn’t with Puff, but the fact that there was so much madness and paparazzi that everything needed to be cleared out.

“Looks are deceiving though. It was just a little misunderstanding…miscommunication. Me and the officer worked it out…He was in plain clothes; I didn’t know he was an officer; things were a little aggressive for me, which I’m not really used to. I said my piece, he said his piece, and we kept it moving.”

Well, that seems like another win for the life of a celebrity. With money and fame, even you can say Fawk the police and walk away without a scratch.

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