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Former First Lady, Laura Bush, was the braveheart of her party when she spoke about President Obama’s performance since he took over the White House. In a recent interview, she said the president is doing a great job considering the circumstances.

She went on to blast the parties for the rift between them that seems to widen as times passes. She candidly answered questions on a range of issues including her thoughts on Michelle Obama, former Vice President package Cheny and the eight years her husband spent in the White House.

According to CNN, during the interview in Paris, France, during a United Nations meeting, where she was advocating global literacy, the normally stern first lady defended Obama’s speech to school children. An argument that cold possibly put her at odds with conservatives who believe Obama is using the speech to push his political agenda on children.

“I think he is [doing a good job],” Bush said when asked to assess Obama’s job performance. “I think he has got a lot on his plate, and he has tackled a lot to start with, and that has probably made it more difficult.”

She also said Michelle Obama is “doing great” by turning the White House into a home for her children and family.

In reference to the recent backlash the president has encountered behind his speech to schoolchildren, Mrs. Bush said it’s “really important for everyone to respect the president of the United States.”

“I think there is a place for the president … to talk to schoolchildren and encourage” them, she said. Parents should follow his example and “encourage their own children to stay in school and to study hard and to try to achieve the dream that they have.”

Bush said she thinks it unfair that Obama is being labeled a “socialist” and said she was disappointed with the polarization of Obama’s political agenda.

Bush conceded that after her husband was elected president, he was unable to replicate his success as governor of Texas in bipartisanship with the Democratic party.

“He was disappointed that that was not the way it worked out in Washington,” she said. “I’m sure President Obama didn’t expect it to be that way [either]. … All of us need to do what we can to come together on issues.”

Despite her husband’s disappointment, he is “doing very well,” she said.

In reference to former Vice President package Cheny speaking out and crassly defending Bush era politics, she is grateful for his defending her husband’s legacy.

“I think that Vice President Cheney has every right to speak out, and I appreciate that he is defending” the administration, Bush said. “I think that is important. I think there is a place for that.”

She also said it doesn’t bother Mr. Bush that Cheny’s “out there being critical.”

When asked about the negative connotation that is often associated with Bush’s eight years in the White House and the critics who call his time as president globally destructive, she said: “I would say that that’s absolutely not right. I don’t think they have either the right view of him or what his responsibilities are and were as president of the United States.”

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