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A judge threw out a Federal lawsuit from VladTV’s DJ Star against the network that fired him. Star filed a lawsuit against Clear Channel in 2006 for breach of contract, saying that he was hired to make controversial statements and wrongfully terminated for doing so. A Manhattan Federal Judge disagrees however that any contract was breached, and quickly threw out the case Wednesday.

Clear Channel axed Star from Power 105.1 FM’s nationally syndicated Star and Bucwild Morning show after he lashed out at Hot 97’s DJ Envy. Star took to the airwaves and threatened to: “R. Kelly” DJ Envy’s daughter saying,

“Yes, I disrespected your seed. If you didn’t hear me, I said, I would like to do an R Kelly on your seed, on your little baby girl. I would like to tinkle on her.”

He also offered a $500 reward for the listener that gave him the location of the child’s school and called Envy’s half African-American, half Asian American wife a “slant eyed Slore.”

“Oh yes, I’ll come for your kids. I will come for your kids. I finally got the information on his slant-eyed, Slore wife…”

DJ Envy

Following Star’s rant, New York Representative John Liu of Queens called him a “sick, racist pedophile”:

“This guy is a sick pedophile loser who obviously has self-esteem issues. These kinds of threats broadcast on major radio stations over our public airwaves cannot go unanswered. Clear Channel Communications, which owns Power 105 and profits from this type of hate radio, needs to take responsibility. Start with firing this lunatic immediately.”

Clear Channel quickly reacted by pulling the plug on Star, real name, Troi Torain, and issued a statement putting space between the station and the controversial on-air jock.

“Power 105 finds recent remarks broadcast by Troi Torain of the Star And Bucwild Morning Show to be wholly unacceptable. He is no longer with Power 105.1 or Clear Channel Radio. We sincerely apologize to those who may have been offended by his remarks.”

Star faced criminal indictment of weapon possession and child endangerment charges following the incident. Police arrested him and forced him to surrender a 9 mm handgun and target-practice permit. Those charges were later dropped.

Star filed a $55 million defamation suit again Representative Lui as well but that case was also thrown out. Star has become a national sensation who is both loved and hated for his notorious on-air antics. In 2001 Hot 97 kicked him off the air for playing the sound of a plane crash and a woman screaming after the death of Aaliyah. In 2005 he was given a day’s suspension for prank calling an Indian woman and threatening to choke her after he called her a “filthy rat-eater.”

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