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To all readers out there, viewer’s discretion is slightly advised in relation to this. Stating it simply, an interview with Louisiana rapper Lil Boosie from The Smoking Section revealed a glimpse into the nightlife that is Bad Azz. The answers stemmed from a question that basically asked the rapper what was his craziest interaction with a female while being on the road:

Lil’ Boosie: …We be sticking pill up girl’s booty too!

TSS: Ok look, now I heard on the mixtape with Hurricane Chris, you mentioned that. What’s up with that?

Lil’ Boosie: Yea, it kicks in after 20 seconds. It hits them in 20 seconds.

TSS: How does someone even find that out?

Lil’ Boosie: I get it from my cousin. He did it to a few girls way back in the game. And it just took off. I put it in a song. Everything I put in a song, I’ve tried it. So I put it in her booty hole and it melted. It melts in their booty hole and it hits them in 20 seconds. You never know what they’re gonna do. They may break out crying talking about their momma doesn’t love them or something. It hit them in the booty hole good. The booty is like eating the pill.

So ecstasy must be the new date rape drug. This is an alert to all women that go to the clubs. Whenever you all decide to grind on a dude, or girl if you prefer, make sure you know what you’re backing it up into or else you might find some ecstasy in your booty hole. This must be the hidden meaning to “Wipe Me Down.”

A response to such things would be far too extensive for this article, but the thoughts are self-explanatory. On that note, Lil Boosie will be coming out with Super Bad: The Return of Bad Azz which hits shelves on September 15. Other updates could be used in regards to the status of Boosie, but this is too priceless to overlook.

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