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The country’s most esteemed University got a dose of Hammertime Monday. MC Hammer delivered a keynote address at Harvard University during their Gravity Summit, a social media marketing event for businesses. Hammer spoke out on the benefits of using Twitter and other social media platforms. He has over 1 million followers on Twitter and 43,000 fans on Facebook. He encouraged an audience of about 150 people to take advantage of the sites and use them to build a brand, saying:

“I’m both an entrepreneur and a brand.  Being in the center of my universe is important to me. That’s what Twitter lets me do.  I want to get out in front of the conversation. Social media is all about visibility and awareness, It’s a great way to add value to my brand.If you’re allowing someone else to control the perception of the brand, then you’re in trouble.”

Luckily for Harvard students Hammer did not give them advice on money management. Mr. “Can’t Touch This” can’t remember to pay his taxes and made recent headlines for owing the government over $600,000. Government officials filed three separate legal claims against him this year that add up to $671,182. He has since denied owing the money but cannot deny that he did file for bankruptcy in 1996. So this man is really giving out advice at Harvard?!  Really?! I think I’ll go speak at Princeton about why the sky’s blue. I mean if Hammer’s available, so am I…

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