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With the leak of Blueprint III, it seems as though Noreaga has tried to come to the aid of Jay-Z and save not only his album, but the actual state of Hip-Hop by issuing a statement to fans:

On His Twitter page Nore wrote; “IFYOULOVEHIPHOP YOU WILL NOT DOWNLOAD BLUEPRINT 3! (can you help me spread this?)”

The album, although still not released, can now be streamed from MTV and Rhapsody through a deal that came about from Jay.

For those that remember, Nore was once a member of the Roc-A-Fella army from 2004-2007. This was around the time when that Reggaeton frenzy started to pop off and Nore stood at the forefront. Let’s just say that all should be thankful that he was able to link back up with Capone to bring about that C-N-N material.

As it relates to the rapper himself, Nore recently began his “100 Miles & Running” Challenge. Simply stated, Nore intends to run 100 miles for the full month of September. Using Twitter, his status will be updated as well as being chronicled on his My Nike account.

The workout regimen initially was ignited through a conversation that led to a bet between Nore and Busta Rhymes. Mentioning the fact that Nore has lost sight of himself and let himself go in terms of weight, Busta issued a challenge to Nore to see if he could drop the pounds and show some type of resemblance of the slender artist that graced the debut album, War Report, alongside Capone.

Of course no bet can be official without something being at stake, so a wager of $5,000 was put out on the table between the two rappers. Although there is no specific weight targeted, the overall point is to trim the unnecessary fat that he has built up over the years. The actual amount of weight loss will be updated once September closes.

Fueled by the singles “Move” and “Floatin’ In Sky” featuring Kid Cudi, Nore is also set to return back in the booth and release his next solo joint entitled S.O.R.E . although no release date has been announced.

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