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In a case of extreme asininity at its finest, a North Carolina man was wrongfully deported by none other than the infallible government of the United States of America after it was believed that he was actually a Mexican national. Mark Lyttle, a natural citizen of the US and one of the most infamous residents of Rowan County, North Carolina, found himself abandoned and destitute behind the Mexican border after authorities documented him as being of Mexican decent on official police documents.

At the time of Lyttle’s deportation, documents and criminal record checks revealed that he had a Social Security number and that both his parents had national status.  Still, that was not enough to keep the man stateside, with authorities citing a personal admission of Lyttle as the reason behind the startling move, an implausible fact considering that he is of ill mental health and speaks no Spanish. “I tried to tell them I was a U.S. citizen…,” said Lyttle, “but no one believed me.”

Officials with the Immigration and Customs Enforcement Agency, or ICE, are adamant in there reason for deporting the man whom they knew was mentally instable. “Individuals who misrepresent their true identity and make statements to ICE officers create problems both for law enforcement and themselves,” exclaimed Ivan Ortiz-Delgado, ICE spokesman, in an official written statement regarding the incident.

Lyttle found his way back to the states only to be deported again. This second deportation would send the man to several Latin nations, including Honduras and Guatemala, living the life of a prisoner after and between each release. U.S. Immigrations held imprisoned Lyttle for over six weeks. It took 3 ½ months for them to totally understand and correctly work his case.

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