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Recently, a video was posted online of Tahiry going off about a situation that happened with her and Joe Budden after going to a club.  To trim the fat and get to the actual point, she ended the verbal slaughter with a fu*k you and have a nice day as she said it was over between the two.

Budden released another video today stating that Tahiry was going off because a girl blew him a kiss while at the strip club and is allegedly footage of an old break up.

Speaking with HipHopWired, Budden broke down the reasoning as to why he has such outlets as JoeBuddenTV and why he feels the need to be so open about his life as he delivers them in lyrics to his fans.

“I do it for a few reasons.  Number 1, it’s therapeutic and that’s the way it started out and it’s always going to be that way.  Number 2, when you’re doing something that so many people are doing and trying to do, you want to always try and be different.  For me, being different is being myself.  Three, it’s deeper than the music and it’s definitely bigger than the music.  I want the fans to actually feel like they know me and know a part of me instead of just going off of records.  I want to develop some type of relationship and bond with the fans and that’s one way to do it.”

The method of Budden telecasting his life may not always be the best case scenario.  Sometimes personal issues should not be aired out for the World Wide Web to see and the camera must come off otherwise something considered serious by some will only be deemed as a spectacle to others.

As a PSA to Will Smith and Jada Pinkett, the Black couple is depending on the two of you so that there will still be hope for African-American marriage, let alone relationships.

In music-related news, Jumpoff seems to be getting started on his third official album The Great Escape which should be released sometime in February 2010.  A track was released Monday titled “No Competition” with production from J.U.S.T.I.C.E. League.  Through his blog, Budden has stated that he will be working with Jadakiss and should have production from Emile, Black Milk, Nottz and possibly Pete Rock.

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