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Producer Jermaine Dupri and DJ Greg Street have put aside their differences after more than eight months since the two had a difference of opinion concerning the role of a DJ.

While serving in his tenure as President of Island Music, Dupri opined in an interview that a key responsibility of the DJ is to break records by introducing the music to the masses while exposing talent to a specific demographic. Speaking as both an executive and an artist, Dupri felt that if a DJ is not aiding in this process then it is a disservice. He made a general statement saying that DJ’s were dying.

As a result, V-103’s Greg Street took personal offense to the statement and made ill comments towards Jermaine igniting tension between the two, creating uproar and also a sense of discomfort in Atlanta’s urban music community. Dupri states, “My comments were not directed at Greg Street but were said in general as a statement.”

In efforts to relinquish all hostilities, Dupri and Street came together on Monday, August 31, 2009 to reunite. JD says, “I’m here trying to protect the integrity of Atlanta” and he hopes that by coming together and setting aside their differences, the two influencers will prove to be an example of how to resolve a disagreement with the utmost respect.

Check their mediation below:

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