Hell Rell Brings it Live From Hell


As complications have driven the Harlem-based group known as the Diplomats apart, separately they have been trying to maintain. Hell Rell has continued to leave his imprint in the music as he is set to bring the upcoming Live From Hell which should be hitting shelves on October 6.

Whether it is known to listeners or not, Rell has been on his grind as of late as he has been frequent with his product in terms of music. Aside from his upcoming release, the rapper released Black Mask, Black Gloves in 2008 and has already dropped two in 2009 with Hard As Hell, Hell Up In The Bronx and Get In Line or Get Lined Up. It seems like he might be trying to drop material on a quarterly basis.

Along with the actual product of material in the music, Rell has been working on the business and politics as he recently closed a deal with EMI to distribute the upcoming project through his own label, Money Maker Entertainment.

Recently, the Bronx rapper provided his own outlook to the situation with Dipset and exactly what, or who, was the reason behind the fallout of the multi-million selling wrecking crew that once had the streets and ears of New York on lock with efforts such as Diplomatic Immunity. The finger of which to point to blame was placed on members Juelz Santana and Jim Jones.

Rell aired out his grievances on an interview with HipHopBeef:

“We all know Jim fu^$ed the set up. He just f**ked the whole set up with denying the phone call. Cam called him. He said he didn’t call him. Then he jumped on Flex and said that he did call him. Whole bunch of bullShyte…fu*kin’ up money man. Just had me mad, like are you serious?”

Rell added that both have watered down the sound that fans knew from Dipset and have been tarnishing the name that they built, especially with using Auto-Tune which was never part of the set.

In terms of Cam’Ron, Rell still shows his loyalty to the Dipset leader and still has love for him even after he closed the books and went on hiatus.

The official track list from Live From Hell:

1. Close My Eyes

2. Exterminate

3. Return Of The Grind

4. Beside

5. So Cold

6. Some N***s

7. Top Gunna Takeover

8. Turn The Party Out

9. Motion Picture

10. Trying To Be Me

11. RUGA Lense

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