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What seemed to a an everyday bus route for several Georgia teens quickly turned bizarrely frightening when an naked, angry man highjacked a school bus.

The incident occurred Thursday afternoon when a man jumped through an open window at a bus stop to let students off. According to CNN, the man drove the bus for less than mile when a student grappled with him and crashed the bus into a wall off the road.

The naked assailant, Arris Pitmon, 23, hijacked the bus as the driver ran to the back. According to police Pitmon abandoned the wheel and proceeded to the walk to the back of the bus.

When a brave student hurled himself towards the steering wheel, Pitmon physically attacked the student, leaving the moving bus without a driver until it eventually crashed off road.

When the bus finally stopped, students fled from the emergency exit, while an onlooker, who was cutting the grass, subdued the man until police arrived.

The mother of the student who tried to take control of the bus, Chiquita Rogers said Pitmon tried to hit several students.

“He pushed my son, and that’s when my son hit him. I guess everybody started swinging, and everybody just started out the back door, jumping. I’m just grateful that my son is still alive, because it could have been worse.”

Cory Turner, an additional witness, said “Children were jumping out the emergency door … jumping off the bus. … They were saying, ‘Help, help, help! … Somebody hijacked the bus.'”

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