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With the breaking testimony of a juror, the NAACP has decided to use its resources to once again have another look taken into the case of Corey “C-Murder” Miller. Miller was recently given a life sentence for the murder for a 16-year-old Steve Thomas along with a ten year sentence from attempted murder charges from another altercation in 2001.

The organization has stated that the Supreme Court may need to step in the fray of things as there is evidence of jury tampering.

Days after the conviction was made for Miller, juror Mary Jacob came forth to state the voting process was foul as jurors placed pressure on a girl to vote in favor of Miller being guilty. In her testimony, Jacob stated that pressure was put on an Xavier University student to the extent where she was becoming physically sick from constant sessions of verbal abuse.

Louisiana NAACP President Ernest Johnson issued a letter to Chief Justice Catherine Kimble in which he requested that she conduct a full investigation of the entire case. In it, actions needed to happen such as the immediate removal of the trial judge and appointing a new judge. Along with this, they have requested that a new judge be brought in from outside of the 24th Judicial District that would hear all post trial motions. In terms of Miller, they have stated that they want the immediate release of the former rapper pending a review of the entire ordeal feeling that delaying things has created an environment where justice has been denied to Miller.

Now the NAACP must be commended for having such an immediate reaction to the case of Miller, but in all honesty, with no intentional disrespect to the family of Miller, if it walks like a ducks and quacks like a duck, then it must be. Take this reaction and utilize it for other pressing issues that have become overwhelming to the Black community.

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