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Joining Bump J in the idiotic Black Man of the Month Club will be Antwon Tanner, the young, enigmatic actor that portrays “Skills,” a high school basketball star turned coach on the CW’s “One Tree Hill.”

Tanner, 34, was caught selling fake identification cards and Social Security numbers to undercover immigration and Custom enforcement agents. For his part in the crime, the young actor has indiscreetly tried to throw his fellow partners involved in the ordeal under the proverbial bus, telling Federal Judge Carol Arnon that he was nothing more than a “middle man” in the scheme.

During the arraignment process the actor went through great lengths to explain that he was provided with numbers by someone else, who at this time, remains shrouded in mystery. Authorities report that Tanner, whom sold the identification numbers for $10,000 a piece, is also under investigation in California for incidents similar to those that the actor has plead guilty to in New York.

With a recent poll showing that fans of the Dawson Creek-esque show would rather Tanner’s “Skills” character not be written off, producers of the CW hit have decided to keep his character going, at least for the time being. Sources close to the angst-filled drama have confirmed that the popular character will be in some of this season’s first episodes, though whether the actor will appear in later episodes is still unknown.

Antwon Tanner has appeared in several big screen films, including Coach Carter alongside Samuel L. Jackson and Black culture classic, The Wood.

What was he thinking? I know the answer, he wasn’t thinking. Just another rich moron living the savage life. That’s cool, it gets really savage in prison, especially after lights out. Guess he wasn’t scared straight after his appearance in The Wood.

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