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What was supposed to be a backyard celebration for the baptism of a child quickly turned to chaos for one Virginia family. Prince WIlliam County police were called to the house of 55-year-old Edgar Rodriguez who was hosting a party in his backyard for his granddaughter.

The following events are at the heart of the matter as the stories from the police and family remain foggy.

Family members, including children, who witnessed the incident say police used excessive force for no reason in particular. They made claims that officers tasered Rodriquez three times in his own back yard.

In sharp contrast, however, police say Rodriguez refused to turn his music down and acted “disorderly,” which was grounds for the tasering.

An expecting 25-year-old mother of twin boys, Leticia Elias, who was celebrating her sons baptism rushed to the aid of Rodriguez and was also tased, and later charged with assaulting a police officer. Her family made claims that Elias was assaulted by police when she tried to help her father who had fallen to the ground.

After her arrest, Elias was detained by immigration and customs officials.

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