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A night meant to celebrate the life of a fallen comrade concluded in chaos surely induced by alcohol motivated debauchery. Nine men, clad in matching tuxedos with red vests and red ties, have been indicated in a bar brawl that has left one man dead. The victim, Jose Alicea, was at the bar with friends. Official police reports cite that the perpetrators and three other people whom were involved were at the club to pay homage to the life of a friend of who was killed one week ago while riding his motorcycle.

Official police documents state that several witness accounts note that the issues did not start within the night spot, but rather, spilled outside the establishment after the victim and one of the 12 men in the funeral party had a conversation that became heated. Soon after, the verbal jabs transformed into physical ones, and a melee ensued. Alicea, 22, was promptly pounced upon by several members in the group, with events transpiring so quickly that it is unsure as to how many people might have actually been involved. He sustained severe cranial damage, an injury that ultimately proved to be moralistic in nature.

All twelve men in the incident hailed from Boston suburbs, and pleaded not guilty to charges of aggravated assault and battery. Local prosecutors are exploring the possibility of raising the severity of the charges due to Alicea’s death. Several of the men say that they were unaware that the beating had even taking place with but one, Michael Welch, actually having proof of the supposed “inactivity.”

Defense attorney for some of the men involved, Mark Meehan, has vehemently denied the substance of the case against his clients as well as the substantiality of all work done by local authorities, specifically, whether the right people were apprehended. “It is unlikely that police caught all the right people, and several people who may have been involved have not been arrested.”

Ten of the 12 men said to be involved were held on $100,000 bond each, which is only to be paid in cash. Others who were in attendance at the bar fell victim also, with one of them being ordered to pay $200,000 cash in bail while another was held without bail due to the man already being out on bail for a prior drug trafficking charge.

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