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Mere weeks after being awarded a judgment that would have rapper Nas pay over $44,000 a month in child support, Kelis has chosen to return to court with the hope that she will be able to convince the court to increase her payment amount. According to official court papers that were filed by Kelis’ attorney Laura Wesser, the singer feels that she is entitled to more money, saying that Nas supposedly makes around $244,826 a month.

Wesser also asserts that Kelis only brings in around $13,744 a month, making her solely dependent on her ex-husband’s income to maintain her lifestyle. The “Milkshake” crooner is requesting that a judge authorize a payout increase from Nas that would see her receive $17,225 a month in child support, $72,728.00 in spousal support, retro child support of $29,522.00, and retro spousal support of $281,571. That would mean she would rake in a total of $401,076.00 while still receiving $44,000 that was ordered on her behalf a month ago.

The child support judgment that was rendered in July will be up for review in September. At that time, a judge will decide what Nas will have to pay in child support. The judge will also mandate the length the Queens rapper will be required to support his ex-wife. Nas and Kelis’ divorce proceedings began in April, citing irreconcilable differences.

Nas has asserted that he has been nothing but a good husband and has been riding a wave of good vibes and celebrating the birth of his son Knight.

It’s clearly evident that Kelis needs to get a job or get back in the studio and start writing and recording songs. Why should Nas have to pay for her career being a flop? Time to put that “Milkshake” to work.

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