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The court system is just racking up NFL stars. The latest inmate will be former New York Giant Plaxico Burress as he pleaded guilty today to a weapons charge for illegally having a firearm. His mistake may have benefited him, however, as him accidentally shooting himself helped to make a plea agreement for a two-year prison term.

Initially the football star was indicted this month with two counts of criminal possession of a weapon and one count of reckless endangerment, but has since been lowered to one count of attempted criminal possession of a weapon. He was originally slated to do a bid with a minimum of 3.5 years if he was convicted of the charges against him. Guess Plaxico should take it in stride.

There could be a shed of hope, or at least a lighter sentence, as good behavior could shave his time down to 20 months. His attorney, Benjamin Brafman stated that two years in itself seemed extreme as the criminal act was not intentional.

Spanning back to the Latin Quarter nightclub in Manhattan, New York, back in November, Burress along with former teammate Antonio Pierce were in attendance. The actual issue was when a gun that was tucked into Burress’ waistband slipped down his leg and rang off a shot. Although the bullet missed a security guard and no innocents were actually harmed, the victim was the gun-holder as the bullets hit Buress in the thigh.

It would be discovered that the firearm was not licensed in New York or New Jersey, as Burress lived in Jersey, and his license to carry a concealed weapon in Florida had expired in May 2008, according to prosecutors.

The Giants wasted no time as they released him from his contract. Burress is known for catching the winning touchdown that not only won the Super Bowl, but also ended the potential perfect season of the New England Patriots and being scarred with an 18-1 record.

Black athletes, this is a plea. Being Black, famous and paid are things that most people don’t want to see and some will go at all stops to take the fame and turn it against them. Smarten up guys and make better decisions.

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