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VH1 has been one the premier outlets to showcase the accomplishments and exploits of artists within all lights of the music genre. With the return of its show, Behind The Music, Hip-Hop starts Lil Wayne and 50 Cent will be on the spotlight as the series opens its doors again.

The show originally began in 1997 and ran all the way to 2006 where it would then spontaneously air new episodes. The actual premise of the show is to place focus on musicians, whether they be solo or in a group, and document the rise as well as the pitfalls that they have gone through during their career. The show has featured artists such as MC Hammer and Milli Vanilli.

An odd part of the show being resurrected is the fact that it generally profiled artists that were no longer in the limelight. By placing 50 Cent and Lil Wayne, who have recently seen countless pushbacks with their upcoming projects, on the table, is this some type of foreshadowing for the two rap juggernauts?

To start the show off with a bang, the Louisiana bred rapper will be the first to step up to the mound as he will be profiled when the series returns on September 10. According to the Web site of 50 Cent’s label, he will have his time around October 13.

The date of his episode airing, however, is rumored to be in correlation with the release of his album, Before I Self Destruct. Now the album is set to be released on September 29 so let’s hope that the show does not create yet another pushback for the rapper just so it can coincide and serve as further promotion.

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