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There comes a certain time in a person’s age where certain behaviors should be deemed as unacceptable. Beanie Sigel is one that comes to mind as he was recently arrested Sunday after a traffic stop resulted in a search where police found weed in the rapper’s vehicle.

According to Sgt. Julian Castellanos, spokesman for the New Jersey State Police, authorities found just under 50 grams of the substance before arresting the Philly rapper, along with the driver and another passenger. The three were actually en route to Kelly’s Bar in New Jersey where Sigel was set to have a private performance, but clearly that would have to be cancelled without the star of the show.

The others arrested as a result of the incident were Karl S. Dargan, 24, and Justin S. Gaines, 25, who were also charged with possession.

At this point it comes routine that whenever an album is on the way, an artist always finds a way to throw themselves into some sort of controversy, but Sigel…c’mon now. At this point, these types of things shouldn’t be going down at 35. Whether it’s something minor or major it’s time to be doing big boy things and not getting caught up in petty adolescent Shyte.

In terms of the music side of things, the State Property leader is still set to be releasing his upcoming project entitled, The Broad Street Bully, which is set for September 1. For those that have seen the tracklist and have found familiar tracks, the album has been dubbed as being a mixtape/album. There have also been rumors that Freeway and Sigel are in the works of releasing a collaborative album.

One thing is for certain if it wasn’t apparent the last go around with The Solution and that is the fact that Sigel may be on his own if Jay has really stepped away so it’s time to put the suit and tie on and get your business together. So, let’s have this be the last mishap and try and keep it positive.

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