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Brooklyn performance artist, Nate Hill, takes to the streets of Brooklyn every other Saturday night and delivers candy disguised as crack called “candy crack.” While some find his antics amusing, others are offended.

What is really crystalized sugar, Hill, 31, delivers $1 bags of his “candy crack” dressed in a white tuxedo and dolphin headpiece between the hours of 10 p.m. and 2 a.m., reports New York Daily News.

“There’s this amusing theater going on and really, it’s just supposed to be fun,” Hill said.

In sharp contrast, however, some locals feel differently.

“I hate anybody who jokes about drugs,” said Ishmael Torres, 75, president of the tenant association at the Borinquen Plaza on Humboldt St. in Williamsburg.

“I’ve seen too many cemeteries, too many hospitals, too many funeral parlors. The cops should stop this guy.”

Vice President of an alcohol and substance abuse treatment center in Greenpoint called the Outreach Project, Kevin Wadalavage, said he is “dumbfounded” by Hill’s attempt to be “amusing.”

“It’s irresponsible just to assume that young people can make the difference and get the act,” Wadalavage said.

As a beekeeper for a genetics lab by day, this is not the first time Hill has gone out of his way to provide shock comedy for New Yorkers. His former pranks include Chinatown garbage tours and knee-boucing rides for straphangers.

His “candy crack” spoof does, however, have a few followers.

Ernica Serrero, 21, and a recent Bernard graduate ordered some “candy crack” from Hill for his Williamsburg party last Sunday. “I’s definitely do it again. It’s a great experience.”

The local police are completely aware of Hill’s newest feat, but are in no way worried about him.

“People have seen him around,” said one police source. “It’s just candy. Unfortunately, being criminally stupid is not illegal.”

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