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Good food, music, drinks, kids playing and old folks doing the same old two-step. These are the types of things that revolve around a gathering with Black people and, oh yeah, of course there has to be the unprovoked but much expected acts of violence to close everything out.

Police have already started to express their concern and fear that violence will erupt at an event hosted by rapper Curtis “50 Cent” Jackson on August 30 in New York as they feel that old enemies may resurface now that they know that he will be in attendance. They have added that the area is very hard to control and somebody could come from anywhere as the event is outdoors.

Sources have stated that someone might try and have their 15 minutes of fame and take a shot at the rapper which could have two results: They actually complete the objective and get the hit or they miss and an innocent is a victim. Whatever the case may be, there is high speculation swirling that a shooting is highly possible.

The NY Post reported some of the fears that residents have had knowing the trouble that could come with the rapper’s appearance:

“When I heard that . . . I wanted to avoid it, so I planned a trip to get away from here that day,” said Debbie Lucas, 30, who has two young children.

The Queens native is expected to be holding a “Family Day” that will be giving back to his old community. It is sponsored by the G-Unity Foundation as well as the New York Restoration Project that was founded by actress Bette Midler.

Holding a surprise concert at PS 40 in the schoolyard near the Queens projects, it is expected to have close to 10,000 people in attendance and there are plans to have armies of officers there as well to serve for pre-cautionary reasons.

It has been reported by organizers and the Parks Department that Jackson won’t actually take the stage for the concert, although his face is on the promotional flyer, but he will appear.

Jackson is also set to have an event where he brings his hood to Six Flags Great Adventure in New Jersey as part of the event which will happen the night before. Way to give back to the kids 50.

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