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Cedric Zellars is a man that prides himself on his word, wearing his street credibility proudly as a badge of honor for all to see and admire. The streets made him “official” and deemed him worthy of a chance to tell the world his story on the mic. It is for those reasons that the Summer of 2009 will be one that he will never forget, as his life has been changed forever, and seemingly getting worse and worse by the day.

Only months after rumors surfaced that pegged the man formerly known as “The Grand Hustle Muscle” as a snitch is information becoming more clear and concise about his dealings with law enforcement entities within the federal government.

Only previously speculated, new documents furnished for viewing on the internet speak exactly to just how connected Alfamega was with the government, even going into great detail showing how far he went to secure his freedom by breaking a well known law in the streets, the “no snitching accord.”

Furnished by the notorious truth debunkers at The Smoking Gun, a new 25 page document gives the public a view into the life of a desperate gangsta gone turncoat, throwing various hood kings under a legal Mack truck to save himself.

The Smoking Gun explained their reason for releasing the info as being Alfa’s fault, citing his denouncing and attempted discrediting of the papers that they first published in May as their main reason for inflicting more damage to the rapper’s image. The new records shed light on a sordid past, revealing that it was indeed Alfa whom approached the Feds to bring about his testimony, with him agreeing to indentify a “big drug dealer” that he once purchased several large keys of cocaine from and did other jobs below the legal radar.

A break in his informant days came with the prosecution of former Georgia-based Southern drug kingpin, Ali Baaqar, with Zellers happily agreeing to testify against his former boss to receive a lower sentence for having been a part of the operation. Successful, he was given 18 months off of the previously assigned 9 year prison sentence. Documents also state that he gave information on several other men in an effort to lower his sentence more but to no avail, as no other convictions could be made.

“I been asked for information. They picked some of the guys up, but it didn’t do nothing to help me. I just gave it because they asked me”, explained Alfa via the new papers.

Alfamega is still spreading hood dreams and fallacies in his music, releasing several new songs and a myriad of disses at his former friend and boss, T.I. Though incarcerated, the “King of the South” separated himself and from the phony rapper, publicly humiliating him by giving him the boot from his Grand Hustle stable via a letter from the cell.

To view the Alfamega’s informant papers, click here.

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