Michael Vick Back In The NFL


It’s official. Superstar quarterback Michael Vick is back in the NFL after doing a 18-month prison bid over the overblown dog fighting charges. Not murder… Dog Fighting.

Vick has signed a two year contract with the Philadelphia Eagles as a backup quarterback to Donovan McNabb. Vick was granted a conditional reinstatement by NFL Commissioner Roger Goodell last month. Under the reinstatement plan, Vick can participate in preseason practices, workouts, meetings, and play in Philadelphia’s final two exhibition games. He could receive full reinstatement at any point, but Goodell said he would grant that by Week 6 at the latest, provided Vick lives up to his end of the agreement.

Eagles coach Andy Reid stated, “I’ve seen people close to me have had second chances that have taken advantage of those. It’s very important that people give them opportunities to prove that they can change. So we’re doing that with Michael.”

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