Teen Stabs Grandfather Over Milk


A famous, old adage declares that there is no use in crying over spilled milk. 13-Year old Labrina T. Brown must have agreed whole heartedly because she did not cry; rather, she sliced and stabbed her frustrations way. Authorities have documented well the friction that existed between Brown and her step-grandfather, Robert A. Moon, but no one could have foreseen what was to come. Now the teen finds herself in an excitingly gloomy situation. Staring down a murder one charge, only one thing could have driven her into the realm of a killer; wasted milk.

Authorities report that the trouble started after Brown and Moon’s stepdaughter, Denitra Aldridge, returned from shopping for groceries. Both young women prepared bowls of cereal, but were not able to add milk, as Brown was told by Moon that she would not be given any milk for her bowl until after Aldridge was served. It was said that the 48-year old man responded in a sarcastic manner, after which, he discarded what was left of the lactose beverage into the sink. That move prompted the enraged teen to grab a paring knife and plunge it into Moon’s neck, striking his carotid artery, killing him.

Though only a minor, Wisconsin state law mandates that children older than 10 who are charged with first- or second-degree homicide must be charged in adult court. Brown has been charged with first-degree reckless homicide. In spite of the seriousness of her current plight, the young woman remains unrepentant, screaming to press, “I cut his throat! He’s dead. I’m not afraid to go to jail for this.”

Joy Sheard, Brown’s public defender has gone on record to reveal that the family was very well known to child welfare authorities and had been visited by them on numerous occasions; a revelation that alludes to the incident being about more than spilled milk.

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