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The Brooklyn rapper must be limitless in what he can do in his career. From not allowing iTunes members to buy American Gangster from the iTunes Store to establishing a deal to create a rejuvenated Roc Nation imprint, Jay-Z has no bounds. This time around he may have even caught the attention of Oprah as he is set to be featured in an article of her upcoming O Magazine.

Monday, all were speculating why Jigga was walking through his old streets of Brooklyn with none other than talk show host Oprah as a picture was captured of the two sitting on the steps in front of his grandmother’s house.

Oprah called in to Gayle King’s radio show to talk about Jay, referring to him as her new best friend. King and Winfrey even seemed to fade back to middle school days as they stated that they were arguing who loved him more. Word? Winfrey opened up that she does have qualms with the content of his music, but as a person she is very fond of his actual character and of Sean Carter the man.

“I woke up at 3 in the morning thinking, ‘Maybe he emailed me’.”

Man, has Jay found a groupie in none other than Oprah Winfrey?

The history of Oprah and the rap game has been very rocky as she has had her own problems with the likes of Ludacris and Ice Cube. In the case of Luda, he reported that Winfrey was overly harsh on him about his lyrical content when he was featured on her show to discuss the 2004 film Crash.

Ice Cube has even had his issues with Oprah as he wasn’t even invited to appear on her show to talk about the film Barbershop. Wasn’t he that main character? Whatever the case, Cube stated that she clearly has a problem with the Hip-Hop genre and cited that she’s had rapists and child molesters on her show, but wouldn’t allow him to discuss his own life.

Why exactly was Jay able to sweep her off of her feet? According to Oprah a sit down discussion broadened her perspective on the rapper, but I guess the others couldn’t be given the same courtesy.

Well Jay, with Oprah on your side with the release of The Blueprint III approaching, at least you can rest and be assured that almost every middle-aged woman will be looking out for it you with her co-sign, even if it had nothing to do with the music.

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