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Much of the landscape of Roc-A-Fella has changed dramatically since they were running the rap game early in 2000. The dramatic change is that it no longer exists as Jay-Z not only left Def Jam, but has also been building on Roc Nation with artists by the likes of Wale and J. Cole, but it has been rumored that he still has Young Chris on the ride with him.

Beanie Sigel, who was one of the first to start running with Jigga, and was there when the label exploded with fame will be releasing The Broad Street Bully on September 1. As of late, the Philly rapper has been making his rounds on the mixtape circuit working with the likes of Gillie the Kid, Black DeNiro and even members of his State Property crew making it seem as though Sigel was cooking something up behind closed doors.

Once deemed as Jay-Z protégé, Sigel seemed to be building his steam slowly but surely as his albums built up to the formation of State Property with the rapper leading the pack having his own gang to run beside his mentor. Things slowly changed however between The B. Coming and The Solution.

2007 saw the release of two of the premier artists drop their albums and it was apparent that the touch of Jay was absent. In the case of Freeway, the project was very well put together, but it was promoted very poorly which only made it collect dust in the CD shelves as most people were unaware of it.

In the case of Sigel, Jay was featured on the track “Gutted,” but it wasn’t the hard-hitting soulful material that fans have come to know the Philly native for. Hell, maybe it was because his first single was with R. Kelly on “All the Above” with subpar production from The Runners.

Hopefully with his upcoming project that was originally titled The Focus, the fat will be trimmed and he will continue his climb that he was at with The B. Coming. Features are limited to Freeway and Young Chris and as Chris is seen as being little Jay, there might be a chance for Sigel to lead the charge to help resurge State Property at least. Time will only tell where business ties till go as far as him and Hov, but the world needs classic material such as “Still Got Love For You.”

Tracklist for Broad Street Bully:

1. Broad Street Bully

2. All In

3. Shot Em Up

4. Death Follows Me

5. Phili (w/ Freeway & Young Chris)

6. Ready For War (w/ Freeway & Young Chris)

7. Point The Finger (w/ Young Chris)

8. Get Back To Rap (w/ Young Neef)

9. I’m Sicker (w/ Freeway)

10. What Are We Doing Here

11. Going Through The Emotions

12. You Over Did It

13. Why Should’nt I

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