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Beef has officially slipped from wax and a clear misunderstanding has transitioned from a war of words to an open challenge to brawl. Since Joe Budden was clipped by one of Raekwon’s entourage, he states that the only means of redemption is to fight at this point.

Monday, the day before the release of his group album and solo EP Escape Route, Budden casted a vlog via his JoeBudden In it, he assured fans that he was alright in the aftermath of the incident that occurred Saturday.

Although Raekwon stated that he never meant for things to get as hectic as they did and how his intentions were not to invoke violence, that doesn’t seem sufficient enough for Budden as has stated that the only way to reconcile their differences is to handle it man to man and challenged the Wu Tang veteran to a square dance. He stated:

“Some of ya’ll are watching this, listening, and have no idea what a square dance is. A square dance is when two ni**as square up, it’s a square off…You take a walk around the corner, lock the door and just whoever comes out, comes out.”

In response, Budden reported that Raekown wasn’t trying to fight and that he hadn’t fought in 30 years, which was enough fuel for the Jersey rapper to send yet a rebuttal:

“Told us that he didn’t wanna square dance. He ain’t had a square dance in 30 years which first of all, how the fu%k old does that make you, number one. And number two, why not? This is the same ni**a on the blogs talking about Joe Budden is soft. Joe Budden looks like he’ll call the cops…I get it, you’re a little out of shape, you’re a little old, you don’t want to get danced on, but it’s no other way to really solve the situation.”

Budden added that they can only square dance or continue to have no comment, but has urged fans to get him to fight. Although Raekwon’s camp said that they gave him the footage, in the form of a flash drive, he is still sure the footage will surface and they will edit it to make them look “as tough as they wanna be.”

He also added that there weren’t going to be any weapons of any sort because nobody was going to die over it.

“Nobody is gonna die. You’re not going to die. You’re not going to get killed. It’s not like we’re talking about your life or your livelihood. You’re just gonna get beat up. You gotta get hands put on you.”

Budden then extended the challenge to his brother if he wanted to defend him and gave him some simple words:

“I don’t like you anyway. F%*k you Kay.”

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