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As if the Brooklyn rapper didn’t have enough on his hands with The Game and the rising D.O.H. (Death of Hova) campaign. He, along with his wife Beyonce have been the recipients of letters with death threats as the topic.

Leon Desmond Barrett, a native of Detroit, was charged for allegedly sending letters to celebrities such as the rapper and former NFL star Jerome Bettis threatening to kill them. In regards to the NFL, Barrett must have his gripes with them in particular as prosecutors have stated that he has sent over 14 letters to the Hall of Fame and NFL Commissioner Roger Goodell from 2006 to now.

A complaint was filed Wednesday in regards to Barrett’s alleged misdoings which fueled the investigation.

One letter made reference to the killings that happened at Virginia Tech saying that it will be another massacre similar to the school in Virginia happening in Detroit. Barrett must be a bold individual as it was reported that he penned his signature on the majority of the letters along with his home address. Guess that must mean that he wanted any problems to be brought to his front door step as Local 4 news went to his home to question his letters. A simple reply of “No” was given by Barrett when questioned of having anything to say about the allegations and if he had indeed sent the letters.

The tragedy of 9/11has sent a wave of suspicion throughout the United States government to the degree where mail is heavily investigated. This also stemmed from the letters that were mailed with Anthrax back around 2001. In August 2008, the US Department of Justice made the announcement that they believed Dr. Bruce Ivins was responsible for the attacks.

The Detroit news was able to reveal the message that referenced the celebrities mentioned:

A letter dated Aug. 18, 2007, said: “I’m getting ready to start killing some more people. Beyonce, Jay-Z, Jerome Bettis and Tune-up Man are the first 4 people I’m getting ready to kill.”

Although all of the celebrities have been contacted about the letter, there has yet to be a response from any. Barrett has not appeared in U.S. District Court in Detroit yet.

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