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Man, maybe Jay-Z shouldn’t have called The Game a groupie.  It has been reported that the West Coast native has taken his rap beef with the Brooklyn MC a step further by creating and releasing D.O.H. T-shirts which clearly is abbreviated for Death of Hova.

This may seem reminiscent of the G-Unot campaign that was orchestrated by The Game during his beef with his former group members.  With the fan backing that Game was able to receive in that campaign, it could mean trouble for Jay as his album continues to approach and he has kept his mouth closed as he is having rocks thrown at him from all sides since he released “D.O.A.”  While the front of the shirt reads “D.O.H.,” the back says “T-Pain Stays, Old Hova Goes.”

This battle has honestly been pulling along for some time as The Game has continued to throw jabs at Jay.  Although his motives now seem to be retaliation from Jay referring to him as a groupie, everyone knows that Game has been on this topic for a very long time.

In an interview with DJ P-Cutta, was able to get his perspective on the history between the two.

“As far as that beef goes, I think that Game, from what I have been putting out in relation to what he’s said about Jay, he’s been going at Jay-Z for a reason that’s really unknown.  He’s just been taking different shots at him and been trying to get at Jay for a minute.  When he was asked about it he always was just like ‘nah, I ain’t going at Jay’.  When Jay had that line with him saying that he wasn’t talking about him, it gave Game the chance to really go in.  Now that Jay said his name, other than calling him a groupie and saying that he wasn’t really dissing him, these days if you say somebody’s name then they take it like a diss.  All you need is an inch and they will run with it.  He’s kind of overboard off that small thing though.  I think that a lot of it is just for publicity and some of it could be that he feels that Jay has been doing it for too long and wants him to sit down and let other artists shine.  It’s more or less that he’s actually trying to shine and in any way that he can he is going to do it.”

As it relates to any response that may be brewing from the rapper that made “Takeover,” it has been rumored that he is currently in the works of releasing a diss track titled “Groupie Love.”  If this is true, Kanye West has clearly decided to choose his side and not remain neutral as it has also been rumored that he will be handling the production and although he may not have words for the Compton rapper, actions sometimes ring louder than words.

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