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Ever since Chris Brown was able to avoid the pokey a.k.a that 8 X 11 cell in his case, it seems as though he has been everywhere.

He even issued an apology to Rihanna through video on July 20, although he has received mixed reactions from audiences that have continued to question the actual authenticity of the boy who was once seen as someone who could do no wrong.  He has assured all that he will do better.

Reports have stated that Brown will be appearing on Larry King Live today where he will finally shed light on his situation with Rihanna in regards to him beating her.  His appearance will serve as Brown’s first actual sit down interview since the that occurred back in February.  It has also been rumored that this was the chosen venue to speak his peace and issue an apology as he felt he would not have to be hammered with brutal questioning.

Along with his interview on Larry King, Brown will also be facing the court once again as he will be sentenced for his crime.  The singer is scheduled to receive a five-year parole sentence along with six months of community labor after pleading guilty in June for his felony assault charge.  As appointed by the judge, his labor should involve work that is comparable to the removal of graffiti or roadside cleanup.

In terms of the victim, it has been stated that his former girlfriend Rihanna will not be appearing to hear his sentence.  Her attorney, Donald Etra, added that he would be making a request to Los Angeles Superior Court Judge Patricia Schnegg to withdraw the restraining order placed on the former couple that would keep them from meeting to talk with one another.  There has instead been a request to have an order placed that will restrict him from harassing, annoying or molesting Rihanna.

Like T.I., this can be considered Brown’s road to redemption as he has a large mess to cleanup in order to restore the faith in his fans and recapture his career.  Just be happy with the parole because there’s no amount of dancing that could have saved him from what could have been in store behind bars.

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