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The 2nd trial for New Orleans rapper begins today. Appearing in Gretna courtroom, C-Murder is being charged with second-degree murder in the case of 16-year-old Steve Thomas as a result of a brawl that took place in a Harvey Nightclub in the New Orleans area. Details state that the young man was shot through the heart as he was stomped out by a group of men.

A panel that was comprised of 39 potential jurors were sworn in for the jury-selection process around 10 a.m., and were informed that they would be dealing with the trial for the upcoming two weeks. Placed into groups of 14, the jurors were questioned today about their knowledge in regard to Miller as well as his history with the alleged murder he is on trial for. The first panel of 14 showed that 13 were aware of these factors.

As of now, four jurors were picked by 3 p.m., and it will continue as the afternoon continues.

“It’s quite possible they’ll spend a day or two trying to select a jury to no avail, in which case the judge will be forced to declare a mistrial, grant the change of venue and the process will start over in another parish, ” Paul Fleming, the attorney for Vince Marinello, said to the New Orleans Metro Real-Time News.


Beginning promptly at 9:05 a.m., the accused rapper arrived to the courtroom handcuffed and the defense began the trial at 9:30. Defense attorney Ron Rakosky made another motion to have the trial relocated outside of Jefferson Parish as was done with the case of former television sportscaster Vince Marinello the year prior.

The request, however, was denied by 24th Judicial District Court Judge Hans Liljeberg. Assistant Jefferson Parish District Attorney David Wolff also cited the fact that Rakosky had made the same motion back in April and it was denied that time as well.

Spanning back seven years to 2002, the long delayed trial could see C-Murder, 38, known as Corey Miller for court purposes, facing a mandatory life sentence if he is convicted of his alleged misdoings. In 2003, Miller was convicted, but was granted a new trial from the judge as information was withheld by the prosecutors in relation to not providing the defense with the criminal background information on three witnesses during the trial. This resulted in his conviction being thrown out three years ago.

Questionable testimonies put the trial back into play as intimidation of witnesses became a factor as well as evidence being tampered with.

In regards to his involvement Miller, the brother of rapper Master P, has denied the allegations that have been placed on his name.

Rakosky stated that Miller was found guilty before he even had a chance to speak his mind as he was initially labeled in a negative light by Sheriff Harry Lee which further tainted his right to be given a fair trial. In regards to Miller’s given perception, he lawyer stated that it was “poisoned from the day of his arrest, when the sheriff of Jefferson Parish labeled him a gangster.”

In regards to making it a fair trial, the jurors, questioned by Wolff, stated that no opinions have been formed in regards to the case which should eliminate any doubt in making this trial fair in comparison to the allegations made prior. One woman stated that she has formed an opinion, but has assured the court that her preconceived notions should not affect her judgment and will remain impartial.

“It’d be extremely difficult to select a fair and impartial jury in this matter given the inordinate amount of media coverage that this case has garnered,” Fleming also told the paper.

C-Murder is currently serving time in East Baton Rouge Parish jail since pleading no contest in May to two counts of attempted second-degree murder in shooting stemming from a 2001 incident at a nightclub there.

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