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50’s getting no love on an International level. In the second international lawsuit aimed at the MC in a matter of weeks, his booking team is now being sued by a German concert promotion company. Major Movez concert promotion is suing 50’s booking agency, William Morris Endeavor for compensation of a breach of contract. Major Movez gave the agency a $125,000 negation fee to set up a 50 cent concert in Graz, Austria. The fee did not guarantee a concert but according to Major Movez if the deal didn’t go through, “WME would return the entire amount.” William Morris Endeavor did not return the money as promised.

Just two weeks ago 50 was sued by a city in Poland for a similar reason. The city of Garzow sued the MC for suddenly canceling a scheduled concert and not returning funds received in advance. The concert was set to take place at a sports stadium that would hold 10,000 people.

A spokesperson for the city’s legal team spoke out on the issue saying:

“We signed a contract for 200,000 zloty .The city logo appeared on posters. In every advertisement for the rapper, the city’s name appeared. We were convinced it was a good idea.”

200,000 zloty are equal to roughly $67,000 U.S. dollars.

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