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It has been the week’s apex of excitement, what’s to come of the highly anticipated Beer Bash? President Obama, Gates, the man scorned who was at home while Black, and Crowley, the racist Cambridge police officer who conned a man into his arrest. But what about Lucia Whalen?

Who? The Portuguese-American woman who made the 911 call and was later labeled the “White woman” who was accused of racially profiling Gates and his driver when she alerted authorities. The arresting officer lied and said Whalen witnessed two Black men with backpacks entering the home, when, in fact, she didn’t even mention the word “Black” in the audio footage that was released earlier this week. She was blamed and lied on for weeks without a voice amidst the clamor. Where is her media spotlight? She is just as much a part of this situation as Gates and Crowley, so why can’t she beer it up at the White House with the boys? Why wasn’t she invited? She’s at work while the men ham it up in Washington. Predictable…by gender alone.

Crowley, the man whose job is to protect and serve, lied in the police report, refused to apologize and strongly denies being a racist. Gates said he couldn’t yell or raise his voice because he has been recently ill, but pictures are worth a thousand words and that man was offended and hollering. Obama, simply said the arresting officer acted “stupidly,” caught heat and probably felt forced to apologize. The beer bash this evening is supposed to be a cure all how? Sounds like a meat fest that could turn into an ugly bar scene or, in this case, an endless battle of the wits.

As if beer and three tempered male egos are somehow going to put an end to all racial profiling. Maybe with some female intervention. Kind of like the scenario when a few school yard boys scuffle and the lady teacher steps in, breaks up the fight, initiates the run-of the mill pep talk and they’re all friends again.

Same principle applies to this situation, but for whatever reason the woman who could’ve cleared up the holes in the story that day happens to be overlooked. If Crowley would’ve talked to her at the scene, like his fraudulent police report claims, things likely would not have escalated to the point of no return. But the lone woman in the scenario was all but ignored. It wasn’t until she hired legal representation she got some media attention.

Hopefully Wahlen will be acknowledged at the bromance beer battle tonight, but unfortunately she won’t be there to defend herself and her positioning in the incident that sparked a nationwide racial debate, that will more than likely be squashed tonight, and once again, macho men save the day.

Wow. Nice.

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