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A group of men have been jailed in Burundi, a province South of the country Rwanda, for murdering Albinos and selling their body parts to witch doctors, who believe that Albino flesh is good luck.

The leader of the henchman has been sentenced to life in jail in the Eastern Ruyigi province on charges of plotting and planning to execute Albino citizens.

Four others were also charged with attempted murder and kidnapping and between them will serve seven to 15 years behind bars.

“There is one who was found guilty of planning and executing the crime, the three others attempted to kill and kidnap a woman and a child,” Dodolin Nahamasabo, the head of the court, told the Reuters news agency.

“Another one was condemned for mutilation and participation in the association of criminals … We decided to release three of them because we didn’t find enough evidence,” Nahamasabo said.”

Burundi officials believe that the mutilated body parts of 11 Albino men, women and children were smuggled across the border into Tanzania and sold to witch doctors, who believe the body parts of murdered Albino’s bring about luck in love, life and business matters.

Isaac Mwaura, from the Albino Society of Kenya, said he thought the crimes were “an extension of greed,” reports Middle eastern newspaper Al Jazeera.

“People are greedy to overcome their poverty and they do anything whatsoever, including killing their fellow human beings.

Witchcraft has been practiced for a very long time in Africa and it’s just metamorphosed into our modern ways of life, so when richness is seen in terms of money and prosperity, people are going ahead.”

He also added:

“If you look at witchcraft, before people were told to bring a white hen or a black cat.

“But now they … think these don’t work and use people with albinism.”

Of course African culture is the fabric of African-Americanism, but they could stand to learn a thing or two from us Western Black folks too, because sometimes the motherland be trippin’! Stop killing chickens, cats and Albino people for good luck. That’s somebody’s dinner, pets and family, that’s being smuggled in the black market for money!

In all seriousness, to each his own but murdering people for their body parts is cruel and unusual punishment for genetic skin discoloration. A crash course in humanity is long overdue.

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