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New developments are surfacing in the trial for Bonita Jacks, the woman accused of killing her four daughters. In a Washington D.C. court room Monday, LaShawn Ragland, a friend of Jacks’ boyfriend, testified that Jacks gave her children marijuana. According to the Associated Press, Ragland told prosecutors she observed Jacks and her boyfriend Nathan Fogle Jr. laugh as their daughters N’Kiya,3, and Aja, 4, smoked weed.

Fogle died in 2007. Prosecutors also showed pictures of the crime scene Monday. A medical examiner described one of the decomposing bodies saying, “She appeared to be melting into the wooden floor beneath her.”

The bodies of Jacks’ four daughters were discovered on January 9, 2008 when federals marshals came to her house for an eviction notice. When they entered the home, they found religious scribbling on the wall and the bodies of the children. Jacks was living with the decomposing bodies for seven months. She claims that her children were possessed and pled not guilty to pre-meditated first degree murder. N’Kiya was 6 and Aja was 5 when they were killed. Jack’s other two daughters that were murdered were 11-year-old Tatianna and and 17-year-old Brittany.

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