The Young Cons: Conservative Rap Faces Its First “Beef”


The Young Cons, a duo of Ivy-leaguers that have recently made their debut into the Hip-Hop world in a huge way, might actually have started a new sub-genre of rap in their quest to spread the conservative political agenda to Generation Y. But for every action, there is an equal and opposite reaction; enter the political left and their answer to the Grand Ol’ Party’s new recruitment tool.

Chris Faraone, a staff writer for the Boston Phoenix, has recently released a diss track taking aim at the popular conservative tag team. Entitled “Shooting An Elephant (Fawk The Young Cons), the liberal MC plays verbal chess to the Con’s checkers, hoping to halt any attempt that the Dartmouth grads might have at gaining a legitimate career as politically-motivated emcees.

In a statement to the press, Faraone, who uses the lyrical name of Ol’ Dirty Needle, explained his reason for handing the Cons a lyrical tongue thrashing.

“The Young Cons are the worst rappers I’ve ever heard, pundits have weighed in, and Bill Maher roughed them up a bit, but these pricks need a Timberland to the nuts. And who better to give it to them than a lefty who can’t rap either, and who knows their crac%er-a*s world first-hand.”

Drawing heavily on the fact that the young journalist felt no established rapper would waste any time responding to the duo while simultaneously branding their lyrical stylings as being “ignorant,” he added:

“No respectable rapper would ever address these chumps, no matter how ignorant the Young Cons’ politics are.”

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