ATL Police Ordered To Release Records Regarding Unjustifiable Police Murders


The Atlanta police department was ordered to release records to a citizen board reviewing the shooting death of 92 year old Kathryn Johnston and unarmed robbery suspect Pierre George Tuesday morning. However in a failed attempt to cover their A$$, The International Brotherhood of Police Officers, an Atlanta police union, filed a lawsuit Monday morning trying to halt the release of the records to the citizen board. Unfortunately for the police union they were too late, the police department already turned over the files. The executive director of the board, Christina Beamud, confirmed that the files had already been turned over:

“It seems to me their request was brought too late.”

Fulton County Superior Court Judge, Wendy Shoob didn’t buy the late request from the police union and quickly dismissed it Wednesday. The lawyer for the union David Beall disagreed with her decision, saying that the documents should not be released until the police’s internal investigation is complete:

“The release of these documents could jeopardize the integrity of the investigation and the officers’ rights, the DA’s office is still investigating this and there may be criminal charges brought.”

Justice Shoob also questioned why the police hadn’t conducted internal investigations on two cases that were three years old.

The citizen board reviewing the case was formed in 2007 after the death of Kathryn Johnston. She was killed by Atlanta police in 2006 when they illegally broke into her home looking for drugs. Fearing that she was being robbed, Johnston grabbed her gun and met police at the door where she was gunned down. Three former officers are serving prison sentences for their role in the shooting.

Pierre George was killed by Atlanta police in December. He was unarmed but was shot fatally in the chest reaching for his waistband. Police say George and another man kidnapped a pedestrian at gunpoint and stole a vehicle.

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