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In further investigation of the murder of former NFL quarterback Steve McNair, the case has been ruled as a murder-suicide.

Police have stated that Sahel Kazemi, 20, the girlfriend of McNair shot him in his right temple and then placed three more shots into him. Due to a lack of defensive wounds, they added that it probably happened as he was sleeping on the couch.

After killing McNair, Kazemi allegedly sat on the couch and staged it so that when she shot herself in the head, her body would lay out into his lap. Police Chief Ronal Serpas of Nashville, Tennessee, stated that there was a trace of gunshot residue that was found on her left hand. The gun used was a 9 mm handgun.

The weapon was purchased on Thursday evening, according to police, by Kazemi. Prior to the purchase she was also pulled over and charged with a DUI while she was accompanied by McNair.

According to the police chief, Kazemi had started to become quite panicky as the week had progressed having thoughts that McNair was having an affair with another woman. Kazemi allegedly had seen another person leave the condominium that was rented which only added on to her initial suspicion. Detectives became aware of the fact that Kazemi had followed a woman home that she suspected was romantically involved with McNair, but a confrontation did not ensue.

Along with this concern she was also becoming distraught about financial issues that were stacking up. Through interviews, it was discovered through friends that she was making payments on two vehicles and the amount of her rent had doubled. Serpas added that she had told friends that she wanted to end it all because her life was messed up. Mentally Kazemi was clearly starting to quickly unwind and spinning out of control.

In regards to a possible third party, there has been no evidence found that would show that any other person was present during their death.

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