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Does it ever stop?! North Korea is back in the news again! This time, North Korea is suspected of trying to disable and hack into the White House and other U.S. intelligent websites. Also cyber attacked were eleven South Korean websites. According to South Korea’s spy agency the National Intelligence Service,

“An organization and possibly a state were behind the attacks Tuesday in South Korea, the world’s most wired nation, and there were signs of meticulous preparation for the act.”

The South Korean News Agency, Yonhap, confirmed that the spy agency believes North Korea is responsible.

“Malicious programs were found targeting 26 U.S. and South Korean websites, including that of the White House.”

The attackers did their best to jam the websites by overwhelming their data capacity and knocking them out of service. The attack did affect the U.S. websites of the Treasury and Transportation departments, the Secret Service and the Federal Trade Commission.

This adds to the increasing tension between the U.S. and North Korea, after the city of Pyongyang’s nuclear test in May, and it’s firing of ballistic missiles despite being told not to.

Someone get Kimmy (Kim Jong Il) and tell him to get his people, please. Attacking the most wired and the most powerful nations in the world? Not a good idea…North Korea’s turning into that annoying fly buzzing around that won’t go away, and we all saw what Obama does to flies. I’m just saying, buzz off North Korea! Obama don’t play that…

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