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Blockbuster trades are what fans of the off-season look forward to every year. This year marks one of the most exceptional trade seasons in a while with every team seemingly making very calculated moves, all seemingly geared toward making successful runs for the championship.

Last week saw Shaquille O’Neil traded to the Cleveland Cavaliers in a move that most see as an act of desperation on the part of the Cav’s front office, meant purely to keep King James on the roster, by adding the necessary depth needed to reach a NBA title. On the West coast, defending champions and perennial NBA powerhouse LA Lakers are doing some reassuring and fortification of their own. With the departure of Trevor Ariza to Houston came the Arrival Ron Artest, a seasoned veteran and the most infamous member of the league since Dennis Rodman.

Known as a bad boy around the league, Artest has bounced from team to team since the infamous Malice at the Palace brawl of 2004, making solid contributions wherever he landed. His latest stint with the Houston Rockets saw the 30-year old superstar average 17.1 points per game last season, launching the Rockets deep into the playoffs, only for them to lose to the eventual world championship Lakers. The pitched display of athleticism between the two court warriors was one of mutual adulation and respect, both for the game and one another. In spite of the physicality that the two doled out toward one another, the trade was something that many sports fans did not expect but could foresee coming into fruition. Donning purple and gold was never too far off from Artest’s mind. “For years now, the Lakers have expressed interest in having me play for them, but we could never get the stars to align. I’m finally a Laker and I can’t wait to get on the court with Kobe, Pau and the rest of the team, and play for Phil. The Lakers really made me feel wanted.”

In addition to big changes on the court, Artest has been venturing more into the musical realm and honing his rapping skills. After selling only a single copy during the first week of sales for his last album, My World, the basketball star is looking to redeem his rep with his latest single, “Bury Me.” And truth be told, it ain’t that bad. Since Prodigy on hiatus, maybe Ron can be the next Quensbridge Murderer?

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