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The former head of G Unit Records and the man deemed by 50 cent as the “chain on the bike, Sha Money XL, is announcing a brand new business venture.

It’s been two years since he left his post and now he’s stepping up to take the reins of a multi-million dollar music and film distribution deal. The deal brings together the businessman and ‘The Orchard’ as he launches Dream Big Ventures.

Through the deal with ‘The Orchard’, the world’s leading digital distributor of music, he’ll bring his roster of artists and producers to the forefront of the music industry. He’ll jump start the new project with will an all-star lineup of DJ Whoo Kid founder of RadioPlanet.TV, former Shady/Aftermath recording artist Stat Quo, and New Orleans own Kidd Kidd.

Sha Money expressed his anticipation for the new projects through a press release saying that he’s looking to nurture talent for those who want to “dream big”,

“The first three projects coming out of Dream Big are very realistic reflections of the three stages an artist can find them self in. Established and successful, in-between labels or ready to take your career to the next level.” Dream Big Ventures has been formatted to work with artists regardless of their position within the music industry to encourage and maximize potential. We are looking to nurture talent that has the passion to ‘dream big’ and let the company take them to where they want to be.”

The premier project to be released through Dream Big will be the long awaited and highly anticipated debut album from Atlanta rapper Stat Quo. His debut titled Stantlanta will feature production from Che Vicious, Hi-Tek, Key Kat Productions and of course Sha Money XL.

Sha also spoke on the upcoming project with Stat saying that the Atlanta native’s project and the other final productions will serve as just the introduction the world needs to his Dream Big emblem.

“The anticipation for his debut album is still high and I am pleased to be releasing it through my new venture.T his project and those that follow will give music fans and the industry an introduction to the standard Dream Big is setting.”

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