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Since being shunned from the offices of Interscope and having his debut album shelved indefinitely, the rap career of Charles Hamilton seemed to have died out before it could truly launch.

Last impressions are almost as significant as first and for Hamilton, his last image was that of having a few teeth shifted after a punch from his female affiliate. Sonic lost all his coins after that hit, as he completely dropped off the radar.

Adding insult to injury, Interscope took his first album, This Perfect Life, and released it online for free download. Clearly, there was some bad blood brewing between Hamilton and Jimmy Iovine and this served as a swift kick to the groin before letting the rapper go.

After being shrouded by the shadows and what felt like isolation, reports are showing that the Cleveland born, Harlem bred rapper may be on the verge of returning back into the spotlight. Leaving a bad taste in almost everyone’s mouths, however, it might be quite a bumpy road to win anybody back if those are indeed his intentions.

Speaking with HipHopWired, Detroit’s Royce Da 5’9 gave incite to his own problems with the young rapper. Initially embracing him, everything went South between the two after Hamilton tried to throw the fallen Dilla on his album for credits.

We had spoken and I told him about Detroit Hip-Hop and how we all stick together and we’re all one camp. I explained everything to him and told him to just put up an apology on Twitter and don’t talk about it anymore. After he was cool with it, I just told him that I would go talk to my people and straighten everything out. He went back on Twitter and did a half-a*s apology and it was just some Shyte that didn’t look sincere and nobody took it as an apology.”

Nickel added that Hamilton only proceeded to make his situation worse and even swayed the Detroit rapper to look at him in a negative light and even some shots during a freestyle to “D.O.A.”

“The very next day after I’ve been sticking up for this n*gga, he puts on Twitter, ‘Detroit is mad because they lost J. Dilla and Harlem is mad because we lost Max B, so I guess we’re even. I was like ‘Alright, since he made that comment, I’m on him now because now I feel a little disrespected.’ That’s where my comments came from. It was just a few bars and I left it alone just to see where his head was at.”

Hamilton’s career has apparently been built upon burning more bridges than building, but everyone is allowed to have a second chance in anything. Only time will tell when he will surface and what he will bring to the table this time around.

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