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Man, people can’t even get along for something free?  That seems to be the case as a fight broke out Sunday during a concert in Flint, Michigan from the West Coast duo, The New Boyz.

A mall employee’s account of the casualties left one stabbed with a pen, another having a seizure and six other people losing consciousness.

Taking place at the Genesse Valley Center, police were forced to shut the show down as multiple fights had broken out and the show hadn’t even started yet.  Meant to hold a maximum capacity of 300 people, promoters were unaware of the issues that would arise as 1,500 fans showed up to attend the performance.

Too many people crowded in close quarters only meant trouble from the beginning as the area was too small to contain everyone and pushing ensued as some were forced into nearby stores.

That’s a problem with free concerts that should have been anticipated.

The actual show started at 4 p.m., but the tension and hostility amongst fans occurred several hours prior as people began to show up around noon.

When the duo finally showed up, not even they could quiet the storm as they were assaulted by female fans who were high off of their own excitement.  Forced to step away momentarily, authorities tried to establish some type of order with the unruly crowd, but it was to no avail.

Momentum only picked up when the group tried to return as they were chased down the hallway, according to an eyewitness, as they were actually in the process of trying to go sign autographs.

In all of the mayhem that occurred, The New Boyz were only able to perform but one song before the madness continued and fights broke out in front of the stage.  The mall closed down at 4:30 p.m.

In regards to rescheduling a show, there has been no statement released from the group, but it might be some time before the Boyz get to jerkin’ up in Flint again.

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