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There must be some kind of record or achievement shrouded in pride and success of which the public has no knowledge to justify the magnitude of blatant wrongdoing perpetrated by law enforcement this year.

In this latest episode, a 20-year-old San Jose college student has become the latest in an expanding list of “statistics,” shedding more light on an issue that is becoming more visible by the instance.

Phuong Ho was viciously assaulted by San Jose P.D.; beaten over 10 times with a nightstick, with the final blow delivered via taser blast, provided for good measure.

Officers were responding to a scuffle between Ho and his roommate, Jeremy Suftin, whom admitted to putting soap on the young student’s steak. Ho responded by picking up a steak knife, proclaiming that Suftin would have been killed in his home country for showing such disrespect.

The first blow was delivered as the 200 lb student bent over to collect his glasses from the floor.

The Vietnamese man pleaded his situation to the police officer to no avail.  The official report for the incident says the officers could not understand him due to his accent.

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