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If you thought the Klu Klux Klan was a thing of the past, think again. In Alabama the “Boys” are alive and real and might be some of the city’s top ranking officials. Two Black workers are taking Julius Dalton Murphy, the mayor of Centerville, to court. The men are seeking reinstatement, lost wages, damages for discrimination, retaliation and civil rights violations.

Roy Jackson and Devie McLaughlin say that Mayor Murphy constantly boasted about attending Klan meetings and has been seen wearing a Klan outfit.

The men also say that when a white Council member accused the mayor of being racially motivated in his firing of employees he responded,

“Well maybe you need a cross burned in your yard.”

The ex-employees were making slightly above minimum wage before they were fired. According to Jackson, the Mayor fired his entire crew except for the single white man on it.

The employees were fired for not watering flowers.

Where did the mayor go wearing a Klan outfit? That right there should have been means for IMMEDIATE removal from office.

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