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Our cousins across “the pond” in the Great Britain are notorious for touting their long standing progressive attitude toward race relations.

Quick to lambaste Americans for seemingly latching onto the barbaric ideals of racism while simultaneously clinging to their guns and religion, the British have long since eradicated much racial injustice within their cultured country…Or so they thought.

A vast number of Britons are putting down their tea and crumpets and taking up arms against their nation’s premier news outlet, the British Broadcasting Corporation, due to its airing out of one of the country’s dirtiest secrets.

Racism is alive and doing better than ever in the land that Author Pendragon built, and like it or not, it is not showing any signs of slowing down any time soon.

Much like their right-wing Republican relatives in America, members of Britain’s far right political party are out and about, enacting their fiendish racial agenda by bombarding the media with fear inducing rhetoric.

“It’s not or the BBC to make decisions about what parties it does and doesn’t like, explained a BBC spokesman anonymously. “That, quite rightly, is a decision for the electorate.”

Lead by Nick Griffin, the BNP is set to appear on the BBC’s flagship political show, “Question Time,” a feat that excited the party so much that it is literally counting the seconds until the broadcast.

Prime Minister Gordon Brown and numerous members of the government claim the BBC invitation add legitimacy to Griffin and his organization’s views, which are deeply rooted in fascism.

It is the belief of the British National Party to fight for “indigenous” Britons while fervently opposing immigration of any form. The party currently holds two seats with the European Union’s parliament.

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