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Buju Banton’s infamous issues with gays have caused him turmoil through his years in the Reggae music circuit. HipHopWired recently reported that Banton had a number of his shows shut down after gay rights groups spearheaded by the Los Angeles Gay and Lesbian Center protested his performance. Now the Jamaican superstar is making headlines for boldly deciding to sit down with the very people that rallied for his downfall.  

 Monday before a scheduled concert, Banton boldy decided to meet with local gay rights activists. According to the San Francisco Weekly, the meeting took place at the Courtyard Hotel in Larkspur, California. The Rastafarian appeared at the meeting with his manager, San Francisco officials; Bevan Dufty and Eric Mar, Lesbian, Gay Bisexual, Transgender Center executive director; Rebecca Rolfe, “queer blogger” Michael Petrelis and lesbian activist Andrea Shorter.

The activists expressed their concern with his hateful lyrics particularly from his 1992 hit; “Boom Boom Bye” that uses gay slurs and says that gays should be shot in the head.

The San Francisco Weekly reports that he explained himself to the activists saying,

“Let’s face the reality; whatever is said in a positive light can’t get out. I don’t perform the song anymore. The reality is, I’ve gone past that.”

Banton who is also the founder of the pro-safe sex anti-AIDs organization, Operation Willy, also added,

“I don’t advocate violence, Rastafari is not about that.”

Following the meeting, the concert carried on as usual without protest. Banton and the activists are expected to meet again in the near future to further discuss their issues.

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