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Anyone that has ever attempted to join a fraternity or sorority signs up knowing the perils that may befall them for wanting to become members of the brother or sisterhood.

In the decaying halls of America’s Historically Black College’s, the premise for joining social society’s are the same as any other, with the “dangers” and risks taken often known in advance.

The same cannot be said for the skilled few that suit up on Saturday’s as band members.

Often kept mum, HBCU bands are infamous for dolling out horrendous beatdowns as a mean to justify one’s “sectional pride,” often draping the illegal ritual under the magnanimous banner of “tradition.”

In one of the latest incidents, 27 students from Jackson State University have been suspended for organizing, initiating, and facilitating hazing on campus.

All were members of “War & Thunder”, the percussion section within the legendary “Sonic Boom of the South” marching band.

Local authorities were alerted after an investigation by campus police looking into off-campus incident of hazing lead them to one student, a freshman within the band, that suffered a fractured shoulder as a result of hazing.

According to eye witness accounts, revealed that “pledging” members of the percussion section were told to meet at or around midnight, wearing jeans with shorts underneath.

Shortly after convening, the prospective members were placed in line from tallest to shortest, after which they were maliciously assaulted with 2×4’s pipes, bats, paddles, and beer bottles.

Several students sustained bruises among a myriad of other injuries, with a WWE-esque blow with a chair granting the most injured student his fractured shoulder.

Apart from suffering scholastic punishment, everyone involved also faces criminal charges.

In other hazing news, Jeremy Dixon plead no contest to criminal conspiracy to commit second-degree battery and misdemeanor hazing.

Dixon was behind the organization of an “official” rite of passage for prospective members of “Mellow Phi Fellow”, a name given to the French horn section within Southern University’s “Human Jukebox” marching band.

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